Is that A Poo???

By: Shannon Campbell   On:31 October 2016 

When you look after kids for a living, a good sense of humour is a priority, and makes for a loving and nurturing environment, as Shannon Campbell discovered.

Is that a crayon? On NO! It's not... it's a POO!

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By Shannon Campbell

I worked with a wondrous and inspiring early childhood educator by the name of Jean. She had a great sense of humour. One morning Jean found a brown crayon under a recently moved bookcase.

However, as she went to draw a picture it became apparent that it was not a brown crayon at all but a dried up poo!! 

Hilarity was had by all for the remainder of the day.

I gained one incredibly valuable lesson from Jean, not only that using humour could make the long day much easier to bare, but also that she treated every child with the same level of respect Regardless of there background or abilities, she saw all as her equals, years down the track I still follow to heart such a simple practice that unfortunately is often forgotten.

Shannon Campbell is a former child care centre director from Canberra, who now teaches newbie child care workers and is dad to two littlies.

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