Baby and Kids Art Supplies

Let your ecobabies express themselves self creatively ... and allow the ecochild in you to come out and play! Yes mum and dad, it's time to let the fun side of parenting take centre stage and let being joyful rule. We are here to supply you with everything you need to make that happen.

Kindy Ecobaby FUN now stocks a boutique range of only the best baby, toddler, kids' (and mum and dad) art and craft supplies. You can pick from our range of specially selected arts, crafts and educational toys designed with an eye on the environmental footprint as well as being affordable, useful and, of course, downright healthy FUN. All paints and materials are non-toxic and safe. We are always trying to come up with better ways to recycle, reuse and reduce and are open to advice from all our fantastic ecoparents on how we can better serve you and protect our planet. 

Check out the full range of kids arts and craft supplies here. 


Kindy Ecobaby FUN now stocks a boutique range of  only the best baby, toddler, kids' (and mum and dad) art and craft supplies