Organic Washing Powder

Reject nasty toxic liquid detergent and harsh chemicals. Our natural, concentrated, organic washing powder is perfect for sensitive skins, is environmentally friendly and economical. We don't stuff our eco washing powder with harmful fillers used by mainstream brands to trick into thinking you are buying more.

Made with just four organic ingredients (borax, washing soda, bicarb and Epsom salts), it works fantastically in top- and front-loading machines. Our eco washing powder is biodegradable and Grey-water safe. You can water the plants with the waste water!

Our washing powder performs better than supermarket alternatives, so you get a super clean wash without compromising performance. Being concentrated means a little washing powder goes a long way, saving you money.

We like to make it easy and affordable for you to buy sustainable and eco-responsible products. So, if you're sick of fighting cloth nappy and nappy inserts stinks, but still care about the earth, our organic washing Powder is for you! This product is also suitable for kids clothes.

Cloth Nappy Laundry Detergent