Stages Of Independence

By: Carla Sam   On:4 October 2016 

Bonds of love - Stages of independence

Who ever thought we as mum's would have to grapple with "letting go" issues so soon? Carla Cram wrote this piece for our Bonds of Love blog explains her experience... enjoy!

By Carla Cram

This morning as I dropped my almost one-year-old off at daycare, I was struck by his growing independence. The days of crying as I leave the room are gone, he simply waved and smiled as the carer carried him over to the other kids.

From the moment they are born our kids are entirely dependant on us for food, love, shelter and learning. As they grow, they of course become more and more independent. As a human, in only one year of life, of a possible 80+ years hopefully, it seems too fast to be so happy to be so independent so soon.

It's so difficult as a mother to go to work and be away from your child, knowing they are probably perfectly happy to be there. While I'm so happy that he is happy, I miss him all day. Of course, the space to focus on my writing and my own business is welcome, it's a challenging emotional space to be in.

And when I was pregnant, I certainly never thought that at only one year into parenthood I would already be learning about letting go. Oh such a hard concept, we want to protect our children and shower them with love, but the biggest lesson is teaching them to be independent and grow in confidence.

I have no doubt that it will be my biggest challenge and my most proudest accomplishment.

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