16 Uses for Baby Oil

By: Karen   On:30 October 2016 

There are many uses for baby oil, an inexpensive and versatile product: 16 Uses for Baby Oil

It’s cheap and contains very few additives and some brands have vitamins or aloe.

  1. If you put a few drops in your ears, you can remove wax-build up without prodding your ear canal.
  2. Warm it up if you’ve got really waxy, plugged up ears.
  3. Put a little on a cotton ball to help remove eye make-up.
  4. Put some in your bath to soften yours or your babies skin . Mixing it with a touch of your favorite bubble bath will create a lovely bathwash.
  5. Use after shaving your legs to soften your skin and prevent razor burn
  6. Use on your babies scalp to treat and prevent cradle cap
  7. Use on cracked or dry heals and put socks on to hold in the moisture
  8. Smooth on a pregnant tummy to reduce the chances of stretch marks
  9. Use in homemade baby wipes (2 tbsps of baby oil, 2tbsps of baby lotion, 1 tbsp of bathwash and 3/4 cup of hot water poured over Bounty paper towels and put in a sealed container) Get the homemade baby wipes recipe here.
  10. Use a small amount to bring out the sheen in your wooden furniture
  11. Massage a little on your cuticles before your manicure or pedicure
  12. Using before going in the sun can increase your likelihood of sunburn or suntan (beware of uva/uvb rays. This is not endorsed behaviour!)
  13. Some say baby oil makes a good personal lubricant but others disagree (it can damage prophylactics)
  14. Great and inexpensive massage oil
  15. Great lubricant for noisy door hinges!
  16. Gets rid of temporary tattoos in a snap.

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