How to get rid of Stinky Cloth Nappy bucket Smells

By: Karen   On:25 October 2016 

How to get rid of stinky nappy smells Deal with the stinky nappy bucket

It's not quite wash day and you have a bucket full of stinky nappies waiting ... Here's a few natural tips to get rid of the stinks in the meantime:

  1. Well of course, wash your nappies every two to three days. But you knew that already! Dont get the guilts over it, just a note here though ...over time, urine breaks down to uric acid, which creates the stinks, and can  damage to the fibres in your nappies and  the elastic. The longer you wait between washes, the more set-in stains become. It's best not to get an over-sized bucket - it's so easy to be tempted to put off laundry when you still have room in your that HUGE nappy bucket.
  2. Disinfect your nappy bucket after every use. If you are using a bucket liner, buy two of them. You can simply turn the bucket liner inside out into your washing machine, dumping the nappies in, and then add the bag directly to the wash. You have a second one to re-line the cloth diaper pail right away, so you can keep changing nappies and inserts even if you get behind on moving the clean ones to dry
  3. Add a natural deodoriser.

    There are lots of low cost and natural options available, including:
  • Simple Baking soda/ bicarbonate of soda - you can buy a box at Coles or Woolies ... just sprinkle some into the bucket and even over the waiting stinky nappies already inside... it works wonders and costs very little!  
  • Bamboo charcoal - as moso bamboo plants mature (taking 5 years), tiny pores are created that absorb allow it to act as a deodorizer. These products can last up to a year, and can be recycled or composted after. They absorb odor, moisture, and chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene that can build up in your cloth diaper pail as soiled diapers are stored.
  • Kindy Ecobaby Odour Remover - a spray that is applied to each diaper before it is put in the bucket
  • Essential oils, such as lavender and tea tree oil, and eucalyptus - these are best applied to a old rag and dropped into the bucket. Be a little careful using tea tree oil, as it can be toxic to pets.
  1. Rinse your nappies (or just inserts) before you store them to remove a smell. Teething nappies are particularly yukky, so I found rinsing the nappies helped keep the urine smells at bay. Kindy Ecoababy Nappy spray works well, and then dunk and swish them in the toilet. You could also get your plumber to hook up a sprayer in the toilet for just this job!.
  2. If you are using the dry cloth nappy bucket method, and you don't have snoopy pets or kids, you may be able to try storing them in a bucket  that doesn't seal tightly. The circulating air will actually help minimize the bacteria that causes the stinks.

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