What to Expect From Your Bamboo "Diaper" Nappy Liners, By a Cloth Nappy Dad Who Explains it so Well!

By: Greg Lovern   On:16 May 2021 

What to Expect From Your Bamboo "Diaper" Nappy Liners, By a Cloth Nappy Dad Who Explains it so Well!

One of My Amazon customers in the USA, Dad Greg Lovern, bought some Bamboo "diaper" (nappy) liners from us recently and posted this review which I found extremely helpful especially for cloth newbies regarding explaining what to expect from your  Bamboo Liners.
Thanks - Awesome explanation Greg!
By Greg Lovern
These liners are working out great for us. There seems to some confusion about what to expect from them and how to use them, resulting in unnecessary frustration and dissatisfaction. I thought it might be helpful to some if I explained in some detail how to use them to best effect.

It's usually easier to understand a solution if you first understand the problem it solves, so let's start with the problem.
If you're using cloth diapers rather than disposables, and washing your own rather than using a diaper service, and you're baby has started eating solid food and so has more solid stool than when only on milk or formula, it can get messy in the washing machine. Washing diapers at least every three days helps, but it still might be necessary to run diapers through twice, and still have unpleasantries to scoop out of the washing machine.

So what's the solution?
The traditional solution is scraping and rinsing off the diapers in the toilet. (Then, I hope, washing and disinfecting your hands.) Ick! These liners are a better solution.

So how do these liners help?
By capturing most (not all!!) of the stool. After changing the dirty diaper, you stand over the toilet bowl and peel off the liner, along with whatever stool it captured. Then, flush. The liner is essentially a very strong toilet paper, so it's just as flushable as your own. If the liner is all soaked (I've never seen it completely dirtied), I grab a handful of normal toilet paper to make the job a little more palatable.
Thanks Greg! If You live in the USA, we can supply you our Australian Bamboo Nappy Liners in 600 or 1200 packs, free fast shipping too! Please click here to order!

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Thanks nice and easy bamboo liner use explanation

4 March 2017
Thanks this explains it so nicely.

Ahhh i get it

By: on 2 March 2017
Very straight forward really. Thanks

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