How do you use bamboo nappy liners?

By: Karen Jackman   On:7 September 2022 

Here is a short explanation of how to use your bamboo nappy liners

Our bamboo nappy liners are soft, strong, fragrance free and chemical free, and make nappy changes so much easier and mess-free! Kindy Ecobaby Bamboo Nappy liners also have natural antibacterial qualities and can be used with modern cloth nappies or disposable nappies.

How to use:

  • Lay the liner inside nappy (sitting closest to baby's skin) Moisture passes through the liner into nappy, solids remain on liner.
  • Remove and dispose of when changing nappy. *(cut or fold in half for newborns)
  • Don't flush your liners if you are concerned about the robustness of you plumbing system. Bin Instead! Kindy Ecobaby Bamboo Nappy liners are fully compostable, so they will degrade naturally in the environment.

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