How To Change A Nappy (or Diaper if you are American)

By: Karen   On:8 July 2019 

How to Change A Diaper / Nappy How to change a cloth nappy

How To Change A Nappy (or Diaper if your baby is American)

The invention of the adjustable birth to potty cloth nappy has made life so much easier and affordable hasn't it? 

Adjustable nappies fit babies as they grow by having an adjustment, usually on the rise (rise meaning the front of the nappy), that makes the nappy shorter or longer.  This in combination with a generous waist that closes tighter or looser around the baby with snaps or velcro means the nappy can last through to potty training ... and probably be used for the next baby too!

Remove the dirty nappy and, if the nappy cover (shell) is soiled, remove that too, like so:

Place the clean nappy underneath your baby so that the back edge is in line with the baby's waist (her tummy button). Make sure you place your insert on top of the shell and a liner (such as a bamboo nappy liner) lying on top of the insert). Like this:

Pull the front half up to your baby's tummy. If your baby is a boy, point his penis down so he's less likely to wee over the top of the nappy:

For newborns, position your baby so the back of the nappy is higher than the front. You don't want the fabric to irritate the umbilical cord stump:

Make sure that the part of the nappy between your baby's legs is spread as wide as seems comfortable. Too much bunching in that area can cause chafing and discomfort. Make sure the nappy is snug but not too tight that it pinches:

Your newborn will probably look a little like she is swimming in her nappy to start with. Please don't worry, she grows very fast, so you will very soon appreciate the beauty of the adjustable modern cloth nappy. Adjust the hip snaps top and bottom, and sides securely. As mentioned it shouldn't be too tight:

All changed! Remember that a newborn requires 10 to 12 changes per day, and older infants and toddlers will need eight to 10 changes.

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