Mom at her wits end after Cloth Nappy Inserts go Stiff After Washing!

By: Karen Jackman   On:28 November 2016 

One Mom's Cloth Nappy Inserts are going Stiff After Washing - Other Moms Offer Advice and Solutions

I was reading a thread on Facebook today about a mom lamenting over her cloth nappy inserts going stiff after washing them.

She noted: "I find the inserts end up very stiff after the wash" . The mom also said she dry pails the inserts for two days, then machine washes in cold water with recommended amount of washing detergent - she used Earth Choice and Cold Power, then dried them in the sun.

My immediate thought was - try a natural softener in the rinse, such as epsom salts. Another mom recommended that she doesn't use any softener at all on her nappy inserts as it makes them less absorbent. I can potentially agree with that as regular supermarket bought detergents leave a residue behind (be it perfumes, fillers, soap scum et al). Another suggested she may have been putting them through too much "spin". She added that "higher speeds sort of squish all the fibres together". (not sure about that one).

I think the key to keeping your inserts staying fab and soft is rinse, rinse, rinse. And dont use a detergent which is prone to leaving behind residues. There is no need to strip wash your inserts all the time if you make sure you only use a little GOOD quality detergent and make sure plenty of rinsing is going on.

Of course, here I am going to recommend Kindy Ecobaby Cloth Nappy Washing Powder because it just darn well works :). Please offer up your suggestions in the comments below. I would be keen to hear if other moms have experience this annoying issue and how they have managed to solve it.

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