Are bamboo nappy liners really flushable?

By: Karen Jackman   On:7 September 2022 

Bin Or Flush?

This is a question I get asked a lot. The answer is Yes and No. Kindy Ecobaby Bamboo Nappy liners are made of bamboo viscose and are fully compostable and kind to the planet. Yes they are compostable - they break down in the environment when disposed of  - but the powers that be in the sewerage depts around the world have not actually investigated various items (other than toilet paper) and specifically BAMBOO NAPPY LINERS, to say with confidence that biodegradable bamboo liners and wipes are flushable.

So, it is obvious that - without proper investigation, the safe answer from the offiicial source would be: Just stick to only flushing toilet paper down the toilet ONLY.

Yes there are a lot of non-biodegradable wipes out there that people have been merrily flushing down the loo for years - and YES they cause havoc in the sewers - and big headaches for the poor people that have to clear the waterways etc. So I completely understand them wanting a blanket statement out there to say ONLY flush toilet paper. The reality is that many people just flush away whatever kind of wipe they have down the loo in the privacy of their bathrooms and the result is havoc. It is hard to get the public message out there as it gets complicated when you specify some products and not others. 

If you are concerned, and have a septic tank or an old plumbing system - and you just aren't sure - then BIN them mums and dads.

Rest assured however, our bamboo disposable nappy liners are fully compostable and biodegradable.

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