What is Bamboo Viscose

By: Karen   On:31 August 2017 

Threading through the web for Bamboo fibre facts

What is Bamboo Viscose?

Viscose (also called rayon) is a fiber made from regenerated wood cellulose. So when it pertains to bamboo plants, it comes from the cellulose of the plant. Viscose is one of the most popular uses of viscose and is used to make many items, notably: tablecloths, bed linens and slip-covers and of course Kindy Ecobaby's Bamboo Viscose Nappy (diaper) liners.

There are many articles on all over the internet which use the words rayon and viscose interchangeably. Bamboo is a very fast growing plant and is manufactured textile factories mainly in China. 

Wikipedia states that “Viscose rayon is a fiber made from regenerated wood cellulose.” So when it pertains to bamboo plants, it comes from the cellulose of the plant. Rayon is one of the most popular uses of viscose and is used to make many items, including Kindy Ecobaby Bamboo Viscose Nappy Liners. Viscose is also used in the making kitchen wrap, the type you use when storing food.  Viscose has been used widely for many years, in many applications. 

What is Rayon?

Wikipedia states that “Rayon is a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber’ which means basically the same as the definition of viscose, which is why you will see both words used in the description of bamboo fiber products. Rayon fibers are considered neither nor natural nor artificial. The term ‘regenerated’ refers to the fact that a chemical change does happen in the processing of bamboo.  So the reformed or reconstructed bamboo cellulose fiber is called ‘regenerated cellulose.’ The benefits of rayon from Bamboo bedding are many, such as it is naturally hypoallergenic and thermal regulating, incredibly soft, helps you sleep cooler, is moisture wicking and resists odor and bacteria.  People that suffer from skin sensitivities or allergies are comforted and soothed by bamboo fibers, as they greatly reduce their symptoms.  Bamboo gets softer as you wash it and is an easy-care fabric.  

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