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So what are our customers saying about us? It's all good thankfully! After creating the best ecobaby shop on the BabyNet in 2012, we now have loads of loyal happy repeat customers. We thought we would put some of what they say on this page for you to review for yourself. Other reviews are below the product pages themselves, as well as on Kidspot, True Local and our Facebook Page. Please don't be shy and add yours by:


We loved the washing powder and liners
By Saraid Hinton on 8/09/2015 5:08:09 PM

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We have always used soap nuts on our cloth nappies, but have found the washing powder to be easy to use, and effective in washing all our nappies. 

The liners are a great size to fit in our cloth nappies and unlike the ones we have used previously do not stick to our baby's bottom. 

The wipes were somewhat difficult to remove from the packet, unfortunately, which was at times frustrating, especially with a 10 month old who requires one hand to hold them safely on the change table and the other to grab the wipes.

  • We loved the liners. The quality of these and the size were perfect.


Nice & Natural

By Donzie on 8/09/2015 4:32:22 PM

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Thank you for choosing me to trial your products.
It is nice to know that they are completely natural, no nasty nothing.
The wipes were a little hard to quickly undo the packaging, especially when in a hurry to clean up a messy bottom..
The nappy wash was great and did the job that it's designed to do.
The liners were fantastic as a liner, being flushable is a great idea, perhaps they would be more accessible in a flat pack.
Overall it has been a good experience trying these new products.


nice product to try

By jessica de feudis on 8/09/2015 3:17:52 PM

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This was a new product for me to try had not heard of bamboo products for babies before. I have not tried the baby wash yet but will and will write another review

I tried the wipes, which I found were nice to use and did not have a strong smell like supermarket brand wipes. the were nice and gentle on my babies skin and left her skin feeling soft. The only thing was the wipes were a little hard to get out the packet I went to grab one and a whole heap would come out, also they are quite a small size so you had to use double the amount when changing a nappy.

I use disposable nappies but the liners were nice to use with baby, they were like a nice soft layer on her bottom between the nappy. maybe have them stored a different way as they easily unravvelled!

I enjoyed trialling these products and may use them again.

  • great quality, no strong scents,


Love eco friendly productsBy Jessica on 30/08/2015 10:23:37 PM



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Loved the wipes, big soft and thick being able to use in all situations, they stay moist for longer then some other products and are safe for allergy prone babies. Will be purchasing more of these and recommend to anyone with exzmea prone babies to use. 

The bamboo liners were great to use with cloth nappies, soft a good length and width and caught most of the mess didn't cause swearing or rashes. Easy to use and to dispose of, the only problem is that once you have opened the packet you have nothing to store them in and my toddler decided it was fun to u ravel the rest of the roll. Other than that will be using again. 

The powder didn't seem to wash my nappies as well, this may be due to having soft water and the powder has water softness in it, I used it in conjunction with my normal powder and it helped to make them whiter and cleaner. I would recommend this powder if have moderate to hard water. Or to use in conjunction with another washing powder if have soft water. 
I did however like the fact you didn't need to use much and that the ag once finished can be used as a wet bag.

  • Inexpensive and a lot of the product for your money.